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Tales of East Africa: Folktales from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Tales of East Africa: Folktales from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

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In Tales of East Africa, enter a world of magical adventure--a rich history of African folklore— a place where a boy spares the life of a fearsome monster, a flock of doves brings a girl back from the dead, and a hare wreaks havoc among all the other animals.

In this fabulous collection of East African folktales, readers will encounter mischievous animals, plucky heroes, heroines and monsters. Artist Jamilla Okubo pairs each tale with a bold and vibrant illustration.

These African folktales come alive alongside bold, contemporary art in this special, gorgeously illustrated edition. Each story transports readers to an enthralling world.

Translated and transcribed by folklorists and anthropologists in the early 20th century, these stories evoke the distinctive beauty and irresistible humor of East African folklore.  

Tales of East Africa will enthrall fans of fairytales and captivate readers as they are pulled into these amazing folklore stories and discover East Africa's rich history and culture. 


  • Tales of East Africa
  • African Folktales
  • Illustrated by Jamilla Okubo.
  • Published by Chronicle Books, March 10, 2020.
  • Ages 8 to 12 years 
  • Hardcover



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