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Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry | Classic Folktale | Middle Grade Fiction, Folklore

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The Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry is back in print again after decades. 

Fiona McConville is a child of the Western Isles, living on the Scottish mainland. City life doesn't suit Fiona and at age ten she is sent back to her beloved isles to live with her grandparents.

There she learns more about her mother's strange ways with the seals and seabirds; hears stories of the selkies, mythological creatures that are half seal and half human; and wonders about her baby brother, Jamie, who disappeared long ago but whom fishermen claim to have seen. Fiona is determined to find Jamie and enlists her cousin Rory to help.

When her grandparents are suddenly threatened with eviction, Fiona and Rory go into action. Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry is a magical story of the power of place and family history, interwoven with Scottish folklore.

Rosalie K. Fry's novel, which was the basis for John Sayles's classic 1994 film The Secret of Roan Inish, is back in print for the first time in decades.



  • Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry
  • Written and illustrated by Rosalie K. fry.
  • Published by New York Review of Books, October 24, 2017.
  • First published in 1957 in England under the title Child of the Western Isles.
  • Ages 9 to 12 Years
  • 0.5" H x 8.7" L x 5.7" W (0.5 lbs) 96 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Myth, Folklore, Classic, Middle Grade