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PNW Resident Orcas Print, 11” x 14”

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This high quality art print by artist Michel Schafbuch will make any ocean themed room fabulous. With bright colors in a generously sized 11x14, it frames nicely with or without a mat.

The subject is the Pacific Northwest’s Resident Orca that lIves in and around Puget Sound of Washington State, one of the most iconic animals of the Pacific NW. These gentle resident orcas are specialists and rely on salmon for their diets, specifically the large Chinook salmon.

They do not hunt sea mammals like generalist feeding transient whales living all over the world do. They live in family groups their entire lives as three different pods, L-pod, J-pod and K-pod; and even come together in their pods as one giant clan to keep their family bonds close. 

Printed on high quality paper and ready to frame, this print will please locals, visitors and dreamers alike, but will also fund efforts to support the PNW Resident orcas.  

All proceeds from the purchase of this print will be donated to The Whale Museum of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington State.  


  • Artist is Michael Schafbuch. 
  • Published by Dry Climate Studios, November 1, 2020.
  • 0.3" x 10.8" x 13.8" (11” x 14”) (0.3 lbs) 1 page
  • High Quality Print; Bright, Beautifully Rich Colors
  • Art prints require separate shipping and specialty boxes so are not eligible for free shipping



Michael Schafbuch is an artist and illustrator in Seattle, Washington. Practicing in the mediums of oil and digital design, his vision is to create images from a child's perspective. He is currently illustrating a series of books about the places people love published by Dry Climate Studios.