Ocean Anatomy | Julia Rothman | Fun Ocean Book - Alder & Alouette
Ocean Anatomy | Julia Rothman | Fun Ocean Book - Alder & Alouette
Ocean Anatomy | Julia Rothman | Fun Ocean Book - Alder & Alouette
Ocean Anatomy | Julia Rothman | Fun Ocean Book - Alder & Alouette
Ocean Anatomy | Julia Rothman | Fun Ocean Book - Alder & Alouette

Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the World Under The Sea | Julia Rothman

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Julia Rothman’s work is still gaining more and more admirers every day. Her nature anatomy books with their fun and informative illustrations are a hit for kids and adults of all ages. This book is so good, it’s often used in homeschool curriculums.

In this edition, Rothman’s best-selling illustrated Anatomy series takes a deep dive into the wonders of the sea with Ocean Anatomy, a great ocean book for kids and grown ups. Follow Rothman’s inquisitive mind and perceptive eye along shorelines, across the open ocean, and below the waves for an artistic exploration of the watery universe.  Through her drawings, discover how the world’s oceans formed, why the sea is salty, and the forces behind oceanic phenomena such as rogue waves.

Colorful anatomical profiles of sea creatures from crustacean to cetacean, surveys of seafaring vessels and lighthouses, and the impact of plastic and warming water temperatures are just part of this compendium of curiosities that will entertain and educate readers of all ages. 

What age is this book written and illustrated for? 

This book is a favorite of my preschoolers! Yes. Preschoolers! It was most likely written for older children who can read well through adults, but my preschoolers can’t put it down. And that applies to all of Rothman’s books in this nature series.

They love examining all the drawings and sometimes just study each page quietly, sometimes ask lots of questions about the pages or even make up their own inferences. In fact, we take these books by Rothman on car trips now and they are so engrossed in the books, I have to keep checking that they are awake from how quiet they are!

Thank you Julia Rothman for books loved by both my preschoolers and me! 

Also available in this series: Nature Anatomy, Farm Anatomy, Food Anatomy, and Nature Anatomy Notebook


  • Written and Illustrated by Julia Rothman with help from John Niekrasz
  • Published by Storey Publishing, April 28, 2020. 
  • 0.8" x 8.9" x 6.4" (1.3lbs.) 208 pages
  • Softcover


Praise For Ocean Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World under the Sea

"Timely, important, and serious information does not have to be tough to digest. The latest book in Rothman's illustrated Anatomy series, is a spectacularly appealing overview of everything to do with the ocean that presents information with beauty and charm…This lovely book will appeal to readers of all ages, whether they want to sit and read or just dip their toes in. It should be in every library’s circulating collection." — Booklist 

"As usual, the book did not disappoint: beautifully done illustrations about the ocean and everything living in it." — Book Riot 

The writing is clear, lively, and informative. Each spread is filled with a variety of colorful, appealing, and scientifically accurate drawings... A fact-filled, browsable title with strong visual appeal." — School Library Journal