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Nanchen Grasping Blanket Doll | Greiflinge Nuckel kirschrot

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This little baby lovey is a certified organic Nanchen Knotted Grasping Doll in a super soft cotton terry cloth with the sweetest little red cap. The endearing facial features are hand-painted by Nanchen artisans in the Waldorf Style.  

The style of this baby lovey helps your infant grasp and hang onto this first baby doll easily and makes it easy to tuck into a car seat, stroller, bag or pocket to take along anywhere. This is a thoughtful baby shower gift, new baby gift, new mom gift or just that lovely and memorable first meet and greet grandparents cant wait to get to once their grand baby is born as this 100% natural and certified organic first doll is completely safe for baby and that makes moms breathe a sigh of relief. 

Let your baby enjoy this first snuggle doll. After all, Nanchen makes it just for them and this is the way all dolls should be made: beautiful, high-quality, organic and completely natural. 


  • Nanchen Knoten Greifling with red cap
  • Approximately 9.84” (21cm)
  • Hand Made in Germany
  • Bioland (organic) new wool
  • White and red organic cotton terry cloth
  • hand washable