Mooncakes | Families, Traditions and Culture

Mooncakes | Families, Traditions and Culture

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As they eat mooncakes, drink tea and watch the night sky together, Mama and Baba tell ancient tales of a magical tree that can never be cut down, the Jade Rabbit who came to live on the moon and one brave woman's journey to eternal life.

With a gentle focus on the importance of family, Mooncakes is both a perfect book for parent and child to read together and an ideal choice for schools and libraries.


  • Written by Loretta Seto and illustrated by Renné Benoit. 
  • Published by Orca Book Publishers, Washington State; January 17, 2017.
  • Ages 3 to 5 years
  • Reading Level 3.9
  • 0.4" H x 10.5" L x 8.6" W (0.4 lbs) 32 pages