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Mercury: 100 Piece Puzzle: Featuring Photography from the Archives of NASA Childrens Puzzles - Alder & Alouette

Mercury: 100 Piece Floor Puzzle: Featuring NASA Photography

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This deluxe, oversized floor puzzle (spanning 2.5 feet/76 centimeters in diameter)is a gorgeous tribute to the planet Mercury.

Striking photography from NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft makes up this jigsaw puzzle and features a color base map showcasing the planet's unique mineralogical and physical properties.

The completed 100 piece puzzle is sure to dazzle space aficionados, and those who track Mercury's frequent retrograde travels, with its beguiling beauty.


  • Mercury 100 Piece Floor Puzzle
  • Chronicle Books
  • Mercury NASA photography
  • Oversized, Circular Jigsaw Puzzle
  • 100 piece
  • 2.5 feet diameter
  • 1.95 Lbs