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Kalid Medieval Toy Crossbow Cork “Arrows”

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These are sturdy hardwood and cork “arrows” made for the Kalid toy crossbow we also offer. Buy them as extra or as replacements for your little ones toy Kalid crossbow. 
  • Kalid Medieval Toys
  • Handcrafted
  • Wooden Replacement Cork-tipped “arrows”
  • Made for the Kalid Toy Crossbow we also sell
  • Made in Barcelona, Spain

 ⚠️ WARNING: Teach children to not point or aim this at people, animals or things that can be damaged and that it can cause injury if not treated and played with respectfully, as a true Robin Hood or chivalric knight would.

A target, such as a canvas with a hole cut in the middle and strung between two trees is a good way to teach little ones how to aim and shoot.  

While this is a toy crossbow, children should be monitored while playing with it and learn how to use it correctly and safely.