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John Henry

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When John Henry was born the birds, bears, rabbits, and even a unicorn came to see him. He grew so fast, he burst right through the porch roof, and laughed so loud, he scared the sun! Soon John Henry is swinging two huge sledgehammers to build roads, pulverizing boulders, and smashing rocks to smithereens. He's stronger than ten men and can dig through a mountain faster than a steam drill. Nothing can stop John Henry, and his courage stays with us forever.



  • Written by Julius Lester and illustrated by Jerry Pinckney.
  • Published by Puffin Books, December 1, 1999. 
  • Ages 5 to 8 years.
  • 0.2" H x 11.3" L x 9.4" W (0.4 lbs) 40 pages
  • Softcover