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Into the Wild: A Woodland Coloring Book - Alder & Alouette

Into the Wild: A Woodland Coloring Book

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Into the Wild is a larger format coloring book. Journey through dream-like forest scenes, and encounter fabulous creatures by Daisy Fletcher, creator of Birdtopia. This gorgeous coloring book is large enough for two people to share and color (1 foot x 9.3 inches).
It’s printed on extra thick high-quality artist paper to help with bleed-through from markers and give your colors a good foundation.  There is also some use of accent color throughout the book, which gives it a nice contrast to work with. The book is bound in a softcover format but with a reinforced spine and extra thick art paper for the cover, as well. 
Beginning in a woodland world of otters, badgers, foxes, and deer, the pages gradually transport you deeper into a flower forest, a magical environment populated with rare and mythical animals such as caracals, squirrel monkeys, muntjacs, and ibex.
Color your way through exotic and wonderful plants – Candy Cane Sorrel, Passion Flowers, and giant Cacti – and you may even discover the fabled unicorn!
This is a premium coloring book for sure and is great for a mom and me or dad and me activity, friend activity or just a lazy day activity. There is a combination of smaller detail more appropriate for older children and adults to color and larger detail for a younger child. There is no age range given by the publisher but we’d estimate the age range as around 7 or 8 years and up, especially as a mom and me or dad and me or older sibling and me activity so the older person can help with the more intricate details. If not pairing with anyone, we’d suggest 10 years and older.



  • Into the Wild Woodland Forest Coloring Book
  • Illustrated by Daisy Fletcher
  • Publisher: Laurence King Publishing,  October 17, 2017.
  • Ages7+ years with help or 10+ years individually
  • 0.4" x 12.1" x 9.3" (1.2lbs.) 84 pages
  • Softcover
  • Woodland theme