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In the Garden with Flori

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In the Garden with Flori is all about how to accept responsibility when your a kid! But it’s also about kindness, trust, being helpful, patience and a mischievous dog you can’t help but love.  

What a fuss! Linn's grandfather broke his leg. Fortunately, his granddaughter Linn offers to take care of his spectacular garden. After all, Linn has helped out in the garden many times and knows a lot about plants. With Linn's dog, Flori, and her good friend, Emi, by her side what could go wrong?

But when mischievous Flori causes a mess, Linn has to learn to deal with a difficult situation. Taking responsibility for the first time is a big step. Together with Linn, we experience pride in the trust placed in us as well as self-doubts along the way. 

Sonja Danowski's lovingly detailed illustrations appear almost lifelike and unfold with incomparable magic.



  • In the Garden with Flori
  • Written and illustrated by Sonja Danowski.
  • Published by NorthSouth Books, March 29, 2022.
  • Ages 4 to 7 years
  • 0.17" H x 12.0" L x 9.5" W (56 pages)
  • Hardcover