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Homer’s Odyssey, Retold for Kids by Isabel Wyatt - Alder & Alouette

Homer’s Odyssey, Retold for Children by Isabel Wyatt

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Homer's Odyssey is one of the greatest stories in literature: the epic tale of the return of Odysseus to his home following the Trojan war.

After nine years of siege and fighting, the Greeks are finally returning home. But one of the Greek heroes, Odysseus, offends the Sea-God, who sends storms and waves to keep him from arriving home for ten years. In this thrilling story, we follow Odysseus' trials and adventures as he faces one danger after another on his long journey.

In Isabel Wyatt's retelling of this magnificent adventure, we find all the wonderful storytelling skills for which she was famous.



We currently offer three versions of this tale. All are excellent, and all are engaging with retellings unique to each author.

The main difference between the three books are the reading levels. While all are written for readers of varying age ranges, these ranges are assigned more for complexity of text, vocabulary and comprehension ability, rather than age appropriateness of the plot as they have all been rewritten with children in mind. 


Isabel Wyatt: Homer’s Odyssey (currently awaiting more from publisher)

Class 4/5/6: Best for on Grade-Level Reading (even those in the lower end of on grade-level) in Classes 4/5 or easy/relaxed read for advanced readers in grade 4/5.

Although a child age reading on the high end of 4/5 grade level or above, ages 11/12 in Class 5 or 6 may enjoy this book, we recommend Padraic Colum’s version for them instead if you would like a bit more challenge to encourage growth in their reading ability and vocabulary skills. 

Padraic Colum: The Children’s Homer

Class 5/6: Best for established on-grade readers (especially those on the higher end of on-grade level) and for advanced readers in grade 5/6. Ages 11-12;

A more relaxed, yet still on their toes read for grades 7+ or for ages 13-14, some vocabulary may still be new

We do not recommend this version for Class 4. We do not recommend this version for anyone who is having reading struggles in Class 5/6 unless you are using a read aloud/read along strategy to help them with comprehension and more complex vocabulary.

Rosemary Sutcliff: The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of the Odyssey

Class 6: Best for advanced readers in class 6, Ages 11-12; not recommended for class 5 readers unless reading and comprehending on about an 8th to 9th grade reading level

On grade reading levels for grades 7/8 or for ages 13-14 with some new vocabulary and just right level of comprehension; high school students and parents may also find this version a relaxing, yet engaging and interesting read  



  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • Retold and Illustrated by Isabel Wyatt.
  • Published by Floris Books, March 15, 2009.
  • Target Age 7 to 11 years.
  • Ideal for 10 to 12 years old; Homeschooling Grades 5th - 6th, Classes 5 & 6
  • 0.6" H x 8.4" L x 5.4" W (0.5 lbs) 164 pages
  • Softcover