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Polepole | Hand Carved Wooden Toy Tortoise | Wooden animal figure - Alder & Alouette

Tortoise Figurine, Wooden Polepole Animal

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Tortoises! “Land turtles,” as we called them as children, are unique to certain ecosystems. As a child, I recall seeing them and it was not unusual to have to stop and help one out of a roadway so it didn't get run over!

Now, I never see them or hear about them from other people. Adding a tortoise to your woodland collection is one way to help a child become familiar with these gentle creatures.  We can hope that one day, they will be numerous again.  

Craftsmen began carving this beautiful tortoise figurine by hand from an incredibly soft, light sustainable wood called Albizia, grown on T-Lab's farms in Indonesia. This natural wood gives each wooden tortoise figurine a sense of warmth that only natural products can do.

Each wooden forest animal is individually carved and so will have some variations. In other words, each one is unique. The carved wood is delicately sanded to create a smooth surface and finally hand painted by artists in Japan with the sweetest expressions and patterns.



  • Woodland Animal
  • Tortoise Figurine
  • Polepole Animals
  • Hand Crafted
  • 100% hand-painted wood 
  • 2.5” tall x 1.5” long x about 1”+ wide



We have a polepole discount in one of our blog posts. If interested, just go here to read the post, get the discount code or both!  


Why "polepole" (pronounced poh-leh poh-leh)? Polepole is a Swahili word that means "slowly, slowly" and each polepole animal is slowly and carefully hand-carved with care and attention to detail. These animals are so well made, they can be passed down as heirloom toys. There are woodland animals, safari animals, outback animals, jungle animals, farm animals and even pre-historic animals! We love them all and can't choose just one favorite.