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First the Egg | Lifecycles | Ages 3 to 6 Years

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Beautiful, saturated colors and simple die-cuts magically present change from seed to flower, tadpole to frog, and caterpillar to butterfly and the commonplace becomes extraordinary as children look through and turn the pages of this novel and winning book. 



  • Caldecott Medal Honor Book, 2008
  • Geisel Medal Honor Book, 2008
  • South Carolina’s Children, Junior and Young Adult Book Award Nominee, 2009 - 2010
  • Capitol Choices: Noteworthy Books for Children and Teens Recommended Book for Children up to seven years old, 2008
  • Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee for Nonfiction, 2010


  • Created by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.
  • Published by Roaring Brook Press, September 4, 2007.
  • Ages 3 to 6 years
  • 0.4" H x 8.63" L x 8.44" W (0.67 lbs) 32 pages 
  • Hardcover