White Smoke Finger Strings (Spiral Bound)

Finger Strings

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Finger string games are a wonderful opportunity for children to practice meaningful movement, explore space, interact with others, and exercise their creative spirits. They're also great fun.

String games can be particularly useful with children who struggle at school, are dyslexic or who are learning concepts such as 'left and right', 'up and down'.

The book contains games that will delight all children, from the very young to those with greater dexterity.

This book contains over 80 inventive and imaginative string games and stories, all clearly illustrated with step-by-step color diagrams.

Includes two brightly colored strings to get you started.


  • Written by Michael Taylor.  
  • Published by Floris Books, Edinburg, Scotland; September 15, 2008. 
  • Age: 6 - 12 years 
  • 0.9" H x 8.9" L x 8.9" W (1.35 lbs) 144 pages
  • Spiral Bound

About This Author: Michael Taylor is a teacher at Philpots Manor School in the UK. He is an enthusiastic promoter of movement and dexterity games like string/rope games, clapping and finger games, skipping rope and ball games during the school day.