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Fine Yellow Clay - Baked Red Clay for Practicing - Alder & Alouette

Fine Yellow - Baked Red Clay for Practicing, 22lbs

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This clay is very supple and has little or no chamotte (small pieces of already fired clay). Ideally suited for modeling. Not good for air drying.

Firing temperature 1832-2012 °F (1000 - 1100 °C).

We offer different types of clays for different purposes and techniques. All types of clay remain malleable for a week after being removed from the package. If you keep it airtight in our clay bucket the clay will be soft and malleable for a much longer period.

Should the clay dry out (losing water) you can make it malleable again by adding water.

Please note that clay does not tolerate frost therefore it is not possible to transport clay during a period of frost.


  • De Beeldhouwwinkel
  • Fine Yellow Practice Clay
  • Baked Red
  • 10 kg (22.05 lbs)
  • Made in Germany

**Store opened clay in airtight clay bucket to prolong malleability.