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Tomato Felting Mat, Small

Felting Mat, Small

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Needles are sharp and fragile so it is essential to have a resilient work surface to protect the needles. Our foam mat offers a bit of resistance to the needle and is very sturdy to last for many projects The small size is perfect for everyday projects. The mat measures 7" x 5" x 1" and are made in Germany.

This mat is a good size for making individual pieces, such as a small felt animal, but if you are making a wool "painting" you may want the large mat. 

Caution: Felting needles are extremely sharp. They are also made with sharp barbs to catch the felt. Although felting is fun and creates some beautiful pieces...and if carefully done with adult supervision, can be and is enjoyed by kids, we don't recommend letting children under 10 use a felting needle without adult supervision or with a lot of past experience as injury could occur.


  • Filges
  • 10+ years; adult supervision for children

Recommended Supplies for Needle Felting: 

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WARNING: This kit is intended for adults and children over 10 yrs. who possess good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and ability to work with focus and care. (Caution - felting needles are sharp!)

WARNING: SHARP POINTS HAZARD—Not suitable for children under 10 yrs. Not a Toy. Contains functional sharp point. 

WARNING: ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED—To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. 

Felting needles are extremely pointed and sharp and are also made with sharp barbs along the needle to grasp the wool fibers.