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Clover Gold Eye Tapestry Needles (No. 24)

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Tapestry needles have blunt needle tips, which are ideal for pushing through fabrics without splitting fibers. They are great for working with wool, thick cotton embroidery, ribbons on canvas, and open mesh fabrics. Tapestry needles are also preferred in ribbon work to prevent snagging and splitting fibers. Each of these packages contain 6 needles of the same type, size and dimensions.


  • Tapestry Needle
  • Size No. 24
  • Diameter is 0.76 mm
  • Length is 37.0 mm
  • 6 needles per package
  • material is steel
  • Made in Japan


WARNING: SHARP POINTS and CHOKING HAZARD —Product has functional sharp points. Contact may result in injury. Not for use for by children under 10 without adult supervision. Choking hazard for young children. Keep out of reach of children under 8 yrs.