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Choroi Pentatonic Children's Harp, 7 Strings Ash - Alder & Alouette

Choroi Pentatonic Children's Harp, 7 String - Ash Wood

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A pentatonically tuned ash wood children’s harp by Choroi which, with its delicate, open tone, encourages the young child to listen and make music freely. From the age of five or six, the harp can be given to the child as his or her first stringed instrument.

This childrens Choroi pentatonic harp is made of one piece of sound ash wood, and a conscious decision was made for no closed resonating body. The dimensions of the harp are 18.3” x 9.06” x 1.97" (46.5x23x5 cm).

It has 7 parallel steel strings with the tone sequence of: d’-e’-g’-a’-h/b’-d’’-e’’. The fifth tuning, g-d-a-e-b, lies in this sequence.


The tuning key is included. 

You can hear the childrens pentatonic harp here


  • Choroi
  • Childrens Pentatonic Harp
  • Ash wood
  • no closed resonating body
  • 7 parallel steel strings
  • tuning key included