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Backstrap Loom Kit

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Our Backstrap Loom is based on the Peruvian backstrap loom used for centuries to make the colorful woven sashes, straps and bands that are so distinctive in Peru. Using the same methods, it’s easy and fun to weave unique, beautiful bands useful in a variety of ways, from pretty belts to carrying straps or woven dollhouse blankets or rugs to even pretty wall hangings.

Looms help children develop finger dexterity, hand muscles, and problem-solving skills, not to mention the pride they feel once they’ve accomplished a project. This loom was designed for children ages 9 and older. 

Make Belts, Sashes, Straps for Your Guitar, Roller Blades, Camera and Much More!

  • Sturdy Hardwood Clamp Device with Belt Tie
  • 2.5 yards 100% Pure Wool Warp (Pre-threaded through a Heddle)
  • 100% Pure Wool Weft
  • Shuttle Beater
  • Illustrated Instructions
  • Ages 9 years and older

YARN COLORS INCLUDED: Gold, Royal Blue and Pumpkin