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Animal Family Match - A Memory Game Toddler Matching Game - Alder & Alouette

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Have some family fun with your children with these design led, high quality illustrated cards, Family Match. In the 45 incredibly detailed watercolor illustrations by internationally acclaimed artist Ryuto Miyake, match both parents with their offspring to make the animal families. You’ll love the gorgeous artwork and your children will be enthralled too with the real versions of these animals. 

Then find out from the accompanying booklet written by a zoologist why one member of the family (or sometimes all three!) looks different from the others.

An early introduction to adaptations in the natural world! 


  • Family Match Natural Science Animal Game
  • Artwork by Ryuto Miyake and written by Mike Unwin. 
  • Published by Laurence King, July 12, 2022
  • 45 cards (15 families)
  • sturdy storage box
  • Adaptations, similarities and differences, compare and contrast, analyze, communicate, natural science, zoology, animals, taxonomy introduction