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Kids Alarm Clock, Eliot the Dog Retro Clock - Alder & Alouette
Kids Alarm Clock, Eliot the Dog Retro Clock - Alder & Alouette

Alarm Clock Eliot the Dog

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A silent clock (no loud ticking beside your ears), but when the clock rings you’re child knows that it’s time to do something! Use it as a ‘time to get up’ alarm, or as a distinct ‘time to get ready for or go to bed’ alarm instead! Being a different alarm than a digital one, it’s quite distinctive. 

In between, this is a great tool to practice reading non-digital time. Whether your child is learning in school or you are teaching him or her at home, having a real clock to practice with has the advantage of a real-life skill. 

At night, there is a light at the side that if activated, let’s you read the clock in the dark too. The printed second hand animates the lovely drawing of Eliot the dog and the glow in the dark hour and minute hands are always a source of fascination for children. 

A fun, retro clock by Belgium toymaker Egmont. Add it to your child’s bed table to help him or her practice reading the hands on a clock, know when it’s really time to get up each day (or go to bed) and as a fun decor piece.

AA battery not included.



  • Egmont Toys
  • Metallic body
  • Light up hands
  • Retro Alarm Clock for Kids