Vintage Picture - Flash Cards - Illustrations - Alder & Alouette
Vintage Picture - Flash Cards - Illustrations - Alder & Alouette
Vintage Picture - Flash Cards - Illustrations - Alder & Alouette
Vintage Picture - Flash Cards - Illustrations - Alder & Alouette
Vintage Picture - Flash Cards - Illustrations - Alder & Alouette
Vintage Picture - Flash Cards - Illustrations - Alder & Alouette

Alain Gree’s Picture Cards | Alphabet, Numbers, Phonics, Sight Words

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Alain Grée's beautiful rerror illustrations from the 1960s and 70s are known throughout the world and are collectibles. He’s recently remastered some of his original children's books and cards for new generations of children and their parents with the same vintage feel he's best know for. 

With their naivety of form and bold use of color, their charm is undeniable. Part of a delightful series of books under Button Books out of the United Kingdom, these flash cards are Classic Alain Gree illustrations that children find irresistible and are as much an art collection as phonics and alphabet cards. 

Due to popularity of Gree's work, these are selling out quickly. If something is sold out and you'd like to have it, purchase it anyway and we will order it right away for you and ship it as soon as possible.

Alphabet Pack: The charmingly illustrated alphabet pack contains two separate laminated card packs. The first set depicts the letters of the alphabet with Gree’s delightful illustrations. The second set of cards depicts the letters in their upper and lower case forms. Notes are included for handy suggestions on how to use the cards in games and fun activities. 

Phonics Pack: Phonics is a way of teaching children to read and write by using the sounds (phonemes) that we put together to form words. These laminated cards introduce 44 basic phonemes along with carefully selected examples. Each card has a phoneme on one side and a simple word and darling illustration on the other side. Use the cards in a creative way such as to focus on the sound of the day or week in a fun way or a scavenger hunt of sounds. A handy notes guide is included with fun activity ideas.

Sight Words & Three Letter Word Packs: The sight words collection contains the most common simple sight words. The Three Letter Word packs contain additional sight words. Single words appear in clear, appealing text on the double-sided cards. Three-letter-word cards focuses on consonant-vowel-consonant words. Each card has a single word with a delightful illustration by Alain Grée. These would be fun to use with alphabet stones in three space sorting trays with the initial sight word and then see how many words you can form with the stones by replacing just one letter!

Numbers and Mathematics: The laminated card pack in Numbers includes the numbers from 0 - 50 on one side and it’s word on the other. The Mathematics pack includes the numbers 0 - 100.  Also included are the symbols for adding, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Handy notes are included in both for fun game ideas with these cards.


  • Illustrated by Alain Grée.
  • Published by Button Books in Lewes, England.


  • Published September 15, 2015
  • 1.2" H x 3.4" L x 5.6" W (0.55 lbs) 54 cards


  • Published August 9, 2016
  • 1.1" H x 5.6" L x 3.5" W (0.5 lbs) 50 cards

Sight Words and Three-Letter-Words

  • Published September 15, 2015
  • 1.2" H x 3.5" L x 5.6" W (0.55 lbs) 52 cards 


  • Published September 15, 2015
  • 1.2” H x 3.4”L x 5.6” W (0.55 Lbs) 56 cards


  •  Published August 9, 2016
  • 1.4”H x 5.6” L x 3.5” W (0.6 Lbs) 60 cards



Alain Grée has had over 300 books published and translated into 20 different languages. He has also worked as a children's broadcaster on French national television, produced three detective novels, ten ship navigation books, and been a journalist for 20 years for Voiles et Voiliers (sailing ships) magazine. He is currently a graphic designer and editor for various advertising publications. His main hobby is sailing. He's owned several boats since the 1970s and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice. He finds his sailing trips provide the perfect time to work on new children's stories and illustrations. He lives in St.Tropez, France.