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A Natural History of Fairies | Books about Fairies - Alder & Alouette
A Natural History of Fairies | Fairy Books for Kids- Alder & Alouette

A Natural History of Fairies | Books to Inspire Imagination

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This enchantingly illustrated book about fairies is entitled Natural History of Fairies, compiled in the 1920s by the botanist Professor Elsie Arbour for her niece's enjoyment, is now unveiled for readers of today. Books about fairies inspire and encourage the imagination of children and this book in particular is a gorgeous edition to have for your children to look through and read. 

Featuring a gold foil–embossed cloth cover, a ribbon marker, and sprayed gold edges, this gorgeous volume is filled with colorful sketches and precise notes detailing the imagined life of fairies in the natural world. 

Inside, you will discover the wide and wonderful array of different “species” of fairies around the globe and explore where and how fairies live. Delight in this hidden world of imagination with science facts woven throughout about birds, plants, environments, camouflage, adaptations and so much more as you learn all about:

  • The anatomy of a fairy (Land-based fairies have individual, separated toes, just as humans do. However, many species of water fairies have webbed feet.)
  • The life cycle of a fairy (When walking in the heather, be careful of the tiny flutterpillar of the Wicklow Fairy, decked out in greens and purples.)
  • Clever fairy camouflage (Reed fairies living in wetlands usually wear striped clothes to hide among the tall reeds.)
  • Fairies around the world (Meet the Lily Hopper of sub-Saharan Africa, the Queen Fairy of New Guinea, the Penguin Fairy of the Antarctic, and many more.)
  • Fairy habitats (Fairies make their homes in all types of places: woodlands, jungles, deserts, the Poles, and even human homes.)

Concluding with a real reminder that we must protect the endangered habitats of nature, this is a book to be treasured for a lifetime.


  • Written by Emily Hawkins and illustrated by Jessica Roux, based off the collected works of Elsie Arbour.
  • Published by Francis Lincoln, LTD in London, England; September 29, 2020.
  • Ages 4 to 8 years
  • 0.6" H x 10.6" L x 12.0" W (1.65 lbs) 64 pages
  • Hardcover