About This Brand: SoYoung is a Canadian brand of elevated lunch bags on a mission to make the act of packing your lunch sustainable and stylish.

She uses linen made from the plant Flax. These plant-based bags and accessories are especially nice because of the removable inserts, extra pockets and added messenger straps. 

SoYoung's backpacks, cooler bags,  lunch bags and ice packs feature a minimal aesthetic and thoughtful features. 

The Ice Packs are stylish, non-toxic, leave no condensation residue, and best of all, have a removable washable sleeve. They are great in lunch bags, coolers, diaper bags, and for booboos that need mom’s kiss and a little bit of cold pack. 

The coolers can double as a lunch bag or baby bottle bag. And the backpacks are perfectly sized for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners (small) or for older kids (school aged size). She’s even started a collection for tweens and teens and already has an established collection for grown ups too.