Alder & Alouette Natural Wood Polish

Alder & Alouette Natural Wood Polish


Our Natural Wood Polish is specially made to keep your wooden toys and accessories in tip-top shape. Our natural wood polish is made with only two ingredients: organic jojoba oil and organic beeswax. It's safe for children’s toys, colorless, odorless and certified organic. The jojoba oil penetrates into the wood and conditions it while the beeswax adds a slight protective layer against moisture. 

Conditioning your wooden toys frequently is best, but a more realistic goal is at least once every 1 to 3 months or after they have been wet, left outside, need to be cleaned or are about to go into long term storage. 

Thank the Bees Alder & Alouette Natural Wood Polish

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  • Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil*, Organic Beeswax**
  • How to use: Rub into wood, let absorb 5 minutes wipe off excess & let dry. Buffing afterward is optional, but may add a nicer sheen.
  • Available Sizes 0.5 oz./15 mL or 2 oz./60 mL
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*Organic jojoba oil certified organic by our jojoba oil supplier
**Organic beeswax certified organic by our beeswax supplier through Oregon Tilth