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How to Choose High-Quality Picture Books for Children and Why It Matters, Part Two

Where We Left Off In part one of this series, I discussed some important feautures to look for when choosing high-quality picture books during certain periods of an infant, toddler and preschooler's development. Today, I'd like to continue with Interactive Books, Repetition Reading, the Great Leap in Imagination for Preschoolers, and how books can encourage and help with difficult emotions, empathy, connections to nature and more. We will round out today's post with the development of the sense of humor in preschoolers and how high-quality picture books can even encourage this along, as well. Then look out for part three within the next couple of weeks or sign up on the homepage to be notified when it posts.  Interactive Books...

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How to Choose High-Quality Picture Books for Children and Why it Matters, Part One

How do you choose books for young children? Do you go with what’s popular? Do you choose only the newest books and ignore the old? Or perhaps, you choose only classics? Do you trust your instincts? Or do you know how to choose a high-quality book regardless of if it’s stacked by the hundreds on a display table or never sees a display table at all!

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Prince Martin Wins His Sword, (One of our Best Adventure Books for Kids)

This book reminded me of the classic hero’s journey and knight adventure stories I read in my youth. But now, thanks to this new Prince Martin series by Brandon Hale, kids don't have to wait until they’re twelve or more to dig into a knightly adventure. In fact, in my opinion, it's one of our best adventure books for kids. Now, don’t compare it to a knightly epic 'tee for tee' is, after all, a children’s book. But for a children’s book, it’s quite the fun journey...

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